How does this work?


You purchase booster packs here on the website. 


Once your order is processed, a "bag" will be opened up for you.


The packs from your order will be opened LIVE on YouTube whether or not you are watching the stream (but I hope you are. If not the vod will always be available.)


The hits (holos and reverse holos) and code cards will be added to the bag. You can purchase as many packs as you want. There is no limit on the size of your bag. I will hold onto your bag for as long as you want.


When you want your cards, head to the "Shipping" section of the website and purchase a shipping option.


Please purchase shipping based on the location where you live (i.e. purchasing USA shipping for an international order will NOT get your order shipped out.)




Once shipping is purchased, all previous order will be closed out and your entire bag will be sent to you.


Simply complete another order to open another bag.

What is Knight Collectibles?


Knight Collectibles is an online TCG store and YouTube channel, specializing in the Pokemon Trading Card Game, that streams pack openings and box breaks. Viewers may purchase packs on this website to be opened live on YouTube.


We are a real card shop and obtain product directly from authorized distributors and retailers.


Everything we sell is legitimate and physically in stock.


Knight Collectibles, officially operated as Ard's Cards LLC, is a Limited Liability Company registered in New York.


What makes Knight Collectibles different from everyone else?


A lot of other streamers will purposefully mislead their audience and/or are unwilling to answer questions about the hobby. Some have also built a sort of "Cult of Personality" around themselves, convincing their audience they are the #1 source for cards. Some also only deal through PayPal "friends and family" transactions and do not have a website.


KC is more than a classic "Rip n' Ship" type store. Education and love of the hobby is what drives this shop. 


Sir Knight has been in the Pokemon TCG community for a while and will answer any question you have about the hobby, shop, or stream. 


There's no withholding information.
No games.
No scams.


And you get the code cards from your packs (unless you tell me to give them away to the community). 


Most streamers keep them to resell at a later date.


Every single order is processed through a 3rd party vendor as a purchase.


What is your refund policy?


Please refer to the full Refund Policy above.


All items are FINAL SALE items.


In short, there are NO refunds for any items, especially after items have already been opened.


However, if an order was placed in error, please contact Sir Knight immediately after placing said order either using the Contact form or messaging AutoTime#0584 or KnightCollectibles#2753 on Discord. The order will be canceled as a one time courtesy. 

Why was my payment declined?


In most cases, PayPal declining your payment has to do with a connection issue. Please reload the page and try again. You may also try switching browsers and/or using a different funding source. It should go through after a few minutes.


If none of the above worked, please make sure you have funds in the respective account(s).