Marble Mayhem

This is Marble Mayhem, a simulated custom marble race with various Pokemon product prizes!



KNIGHT COLLECTIBLES is the original home of Pokemon TCG marble races!!!



Marble Mayhem is a custom simulated marble race with Pokemon TCG product awarded to race winners and participants*. Each slot purchased equals a single marble in the race. Marbles will be assigned based on slots purchased. If your marble reaches the finish line, depending on the placement, you will be given the associated prize. Prizes will be awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places, respectively.


There are a few additional options that can be purchased to enhance your slot:


- Slots can be gifted to someone else. Please indicate in the appropriate field if this is a gift and who it is for. Gifted person must be known in chat. Person receiving gift must contact me if information is not known. Failure to claim prize will result in forfeiture of any prizes received.


- A bonus modifer can be added, which will give you an additional Pokemon booster pack (SET VARIES) if your marble places in any spot in the top 3. The pack will be given in addition to any prizes received from the placement. Bonuses can be added to any number of marbles. However, for example, if you purchase 2 slots, but only one bonus modifer, the bonus will only be applied to the 1st marble. If the second marble places in the top 3 spots in the race, the bonus modifer WILL NOT APPLY.  Please purchase the number of bonus modifers relative to the number of total slots purchased that you would like to receive the benefit.


- An insurance modifer can also be added, which will give you a Pokemon booster pack in the event that your marble DOES NOT finish the race. This applies to marbles that fell into traps, pits, got stuck on track surfaces and obstructions, and left the course. At the end of the race, the simulation results must indicate that the marble "DNF" (Did Not Finish) for the insurance to apply. 

Like the bonus modifer (as explained above), you must purchase insurance relative to the total number of marbles you would like to receive the benefit. For example, if 1 insurance modifier was added while 3 total slots were purchased, the insurance only applies to the first marble slot.






If you have any questions related to Marble Mayhem, please contact us or post in the Marble Mayhem section of the Discord server.


*only valid for participants with a purchased insurance modifier that applies